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The Clever Dog

Terrific Twists (100g)

Terrific Twists (100g)

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Crafted from fresh dessert apples & sweet potato, these sources of soluble fibre form a gel in the stomach, giving a slow release of energy & keeping hunger at bay in between meal times. perfect for elevenses.

  • Made With Fresh Apples
  • Only 0.7% Fat
  • Gradual Energy Release
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Did Someone say pudding?

The Proof In The Pudding


Soluble fibre – Apples and sweet potato are rich sources of soluble fibre which form a gel in the stomach and provide a slow release of energy after eating. A wonder to keep hunger at bay between meals. Packed full of one of our favourite superfoods - sweet potato. Only 0.7% in fat.


Organic white flour, polenta, fresh sweet potato, fresh eating apples, free-range eggs.

Specialist Diets

Our Terrific Twists are suitable for all dogs, including those with Pancreatitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Kidney Disease, Diabetes & Other Sensitivities. Very low in fat - only 0.7%.

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three biscuits in your hand & then give them only two of them.”

Phil Pastoret