A penny for your thoughts.


Someone once told me that without question, the very best part of your dog's day is when they go for a walk. If you ever need motivation to go out on a cold winters evening in the pouring rain, that simple line is it. Dogs provide us with a connection like no other, an understanding without words ever required. 

Owners look like their dogs - discuss.

The Inspo

So who the blinking henry is The Clever Dog? Well. A highly energetic & intelligent working Cocker Spaniel bitch named Billy, crossed with myself, her owner of adequate enthusiasm & distinctly average intelligence. If you ever meet us out walking, you'll understand where our logo was born from. 

Our Mission.

Curiosity Driven

In a world where we're increasingly conscious about what we put into our own human bodies, why should it be any different for our beloved furry friends? Our mission is to provide the right treats for your dog, at the right time. Ethically sourced, nutritional snacks which taste great & support your dog both physically & mentally.

Not rocket science.

Consciously Considered

We believe that timing is almost as important as substance. Say goodbye to those sugar spikes before bedtime. Awaken their senses at the crack of dawn. Provide a deliciously balanced added extra to their already extraordinary life.

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