The Proof In The Pudding

All of our products are lovingly created in Britain, by hand, in small batches in a bespoke bakery. Each recipe has been curated from scratch, with ingredients of the highest quality, variety & provenance.

This means we can reassure you that your dog gets the very best nutrition in a wonderfully tasty range of flavours, which will help them live a longer, happier & healthier life.

We’re proud & very fortunate to be associated with Carole Sandhu, a qualified Dog Nutritionist, BSc(Hons)MSc RD. Carole has dedicated a number of years studying dog nutrition & was awarded a distinction in Canine Nutrition.

Whether you have a puppy or a senior, a dog with liver disease or one who’s carrying a bit of extra weight. We’ve taken our wealth of nutritional knowledge and packaged it up into delicious snacks so your dog can live their very best life.